Why cars are expensive to own and what we are doing about it

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rethinking.space is taking inner city living in Auckland to the next level by providing new owners with shared electric cars. By putting the brakes on car ownership, our goal is to change how Aucklanders think about commuting by taking advantage of a modern, convenient lifestyle.

Living in the city has lots of advantages – being close to public transport, parks and shops means your car ends up staying parked in the garage more than it is used. With our unique car-sharing service for residents, being without your own “set of wheels” will be great both financially and health-wise. With services like Uber becoming more ubiquitous, the place for cars in modern society is starting to change. It is no longer the “necessity” it once was.

We want to release you from the costs of car ownership – savings you can use in other areas of your life, such as paying off your mortgage faster.

Being car-free means:

  • Major savings!!!
  • It’s better for the environment; and 
  • Offers a healthier lifestyle – walking and cycling is free exercise and better for us too.

Not only is NOT owning a car better for the environment, research has shown that the connection between car ownership and its brand is changing. The value in owning a car has become less about how it looks (i.e. status), and more about how fuel efficient it is, is it easy to drive and does it get me from A to B. The next natural progression to this change in thinking is shared or pooled car options.

Not owning your own car means you can pick the best way to get somewhere – walk, cycle, public transport or Uber are just some of the options, without the hassle of finding somewhere to park the car (….or worse having to pay to park it when you get there).

We are rethinking car ownership:

  • A pool of up to five current model electric vehicles will be available for residents
  • Access to a car will be available in 30-minute increment bookings – so you can book it for as long as you’ll need it.
  • Residents will access and book a car via an app meaning you can organise wherever you are.
  • All apartment owners will have access to the vehicles – just like a gym or a pool.
  • It  still gives you the feeling of ownership (but without all the on-going costs)
  • High-quality vehicles, which will be serviced and maintained/cleaned regularly
  • There will be a dedicated electric vehicle charging facility
  • Complements the access to nearby trains, buses and bicycle lanes and Uber services
  • Car parking still will be available on the street outside the complex for family and friends when they visit

The cons of car ownership:

Cost: owning a car is expensive, as well as gas there is the on-going upkeep such as servicing, warrant of fitness, registration, and insurance. Think about the money you can save without having to pay for these items. For the average person, this is about $4,000 a year. Plus, there is also the cost of parking if your driving into the city, as well as keeping it clean, not to mention if you have an accident!!!!

Pollution: driving a car pollutes the environment. Humans are creatures of habit and instead of leaving the car at home when we could walk or ride, we automatically jump into our car. When this option isn’t there anymore – it’s amazing how the alternatives don’t seem so bad. Walking, riding and using public transport are all viable and environmentally friendly ways to get around. And it’s great for keeping fit and healthy too!

Parking: parking cars takes up a lot of space!! In a traditional development, for an apartment block of 60 units, that is space for 60 cars (or maybe more) that need to be accommodated. An area that could otherwise be used for something else. With land is at an all-time premium in the city there are much better uses of space than large concrete carparks.

But I like the freedom and convenience of having my own car?

Having access to a car we know is still important – which is why the pooled car sharing option will allow to you to always have the freedom of being able to use a car and go where you please, but without the on-going costs. If you know you’ll be needing the car on the weekend for a trip to the supermarket – all you need to do is book it in. Easy as.

I’m not sure public transport is that reliable?

With the development of the Panmure station, train and bus frequency will increase meaning a train to the city every 5 minutes in peak hour. Panmure has close access to lots of services and amenities which are mostly within walking distance.

We realise running errands is a part of life – so because of these times when a car is needed the shared car service provides the perfect solution.

I don’t think I can live without my car.

We get it. People love their cars. It’s fun to take drives or get around in your own time. But you may surprise yourself that once you are free from the reliance of car ownership, you may not miss it nearly as much as you think. With the shared electric cars, you still get to use a car and drive when you want to, but you can also leave the on-going costs, cleaning, and maintenance to someone else.  

Following Overseas Trends:

People who live in inner cities and don’t own cars, and instead access shared car services,  is something many large European cities have been doing for years. In most major cities around the world owning a car is considered an “expensive luxury” and people prefer not to be locked into the costs and hassle of having their own car. We are bringing this new way of living to Auckland.

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