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When you buy from us, you buy direct. This means at every stage of the buying cycle you will have a dedicated consultant taking you through the process.

Traditionally, when you buy a property, you are dealing with a real estate agent who becomes the “middleman” between you and the seller (the vendor). The real estate agent acts as a go-between for the two parties to reach a sales agreement. Which can mean:

  • You’re dealing with a third person rather than the actual owner of the property – how well this process works comes down to the individual involved, it can either make or break a deal
  • Real estate agents get paid a commission, which is generally 3-4% of the sale price
  • You’re just one of many buyers the real estate agent might be dealing with for one particular property
  • As the buyer you have no choice over which real estate agent you get to liaise with; if he or she is too busy to get back to you, you need to wait or worse miss out.

Benefits of buying directly from us:

  • No real estate agent or third party involved in the process – buying from us means you have one point of contact
  • Transparent pricing and plans – from day one you know EXACTLY what you are paying
  • No real estate commissions
  • There is clarity over who to contact and who is responsible for every step in the process – including design, build and settlement
  • Single vision: buying from us means you are buying into our shared vision for the property, including its planning, design and landscaping. We have been involved every step of the way and have an intricate knowledge of the development.

Streamlined sales process – by selling directly to you we remove unnecessary steps making the sales experience more enjoyable. You know exactly what you are paying upfront with no commissions, saving unnecessary paperwork and time.

Our FOUR step sales process:

  1. Talk with your personal consultant to decide which apartment best suits your needs. Our consultants will personally take you through the concept and design for our development and work with you as to which option will best suit your needs, lifestyle, and budget.
  2. Once you’ve decided on your apartment, we will provide you a copy of the sale & purchase agreement. We will provide you with all the required paperwork for you to review and sign. When you’re good to go, you simply return the signed agreement to us.
  3. Once your agreement is signed and returned to us you have ten days to complete your due diligence. During this time, you can cancel your agreement, no questions asked. This is when you may like to have a lawyer review your contract.
  4. After completing your due diligence, you have a further ten days to pay your deposit.

Once you pay your deposit, that’s it. Now you can sit back and relax and let us and the rest of the team get on with building your next home.

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