and changing the way people live.

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Quality and sustainability through design.

What is the story? was born from the need to provide affordable, quality housing solutions to the people of Auckland. As we all know and have seen in the media over the years, housing affordability isn’t something that is going to go away anytime soon. There are two things we can be sure of – people will always need somewhere to live, and the population of Auckland will continue to rise. With a third of the country’s population already living here, this creates an on-going bottleneck for housing.

So, we decided we needed to do something about that!!

And not just by building more of the same type of housing – we realised we had to come up with something new, something different and something that would change the way people thought about living in Auckland.

The current housing situation presented us with an opportunity, an opportunity to come up with something not seen in Auckland before. So, we packed our bags and went off in search of the answer. We extensively researched and explored viable alternatives. What were other major cities around the world doing to provide quality high-density housing that was affordable?

This led us to space:1.

Our focus on world class design

Our team has some of the best minds in the property development game. By using the latest in design best practice, as well as researching the best in construction methods, we applied this to the Kiwi lifestyle and created a new and exciting concept that caters purely for the Auckland market.

We know Aucklanders want a convenient, modern lifestyle. Auckland has gone through a huge shift in the last ten years; as a result, we are seeing more and more young professionals and “empty nesters” moving into the inner suburbs. Recently voted #3 in the Mercer Quality of Living survey, Auckland is now a thriving world-class city.

This means a world-class solution. Apartment living is incredibly popular overseas and is the mainstay of inner city living. We are replicating this model in Auckland, with our own unique Kiwi twist.

Who is the team behind the vision?

Legacy Property started over 15 years ago, and in that time, we have developed and built over 1,000 apartments, terrace houses, standalone homes, and sections – so we know the drill and what people are looking for when it comes to housing.

This has given us great insight into what makes a home appealing. Using this experience and rethinking the way people live we’ve been able to provide a new level of quality and to challenge what is possible in new apartment design. Just like the speed of technology is changing the way we work and communicate; this same speed of change is happening in housing development too. Our team has a vision that will see a step change in the way Aucklanders view housing.

Our developments include things people expect and demand of modern living – open spaces, large decks, landscaped gardens, bike storage, BBQ areas, the ability to network with residents and feel safe. So rather then the developers telling you what you want to live in, we let the residents tell us what they want to live in.

The need for a greener future

While the word “sustainability” might be thrown around a lot, it provides us with some genuine choices when it comes to redesigning the way we live.

People want the option to live more sustainably and to live a lifestyle where they can reduce their environmental “footprint”. But we also know that to achieve this, there needs to be something in return – so that’s what we did when we created space:1.

Our homes will enable you to save money – lots of money!! By applying our years of experience, owners at space:1 will:

  • Be removed from the reliance of car ownership if they wish
  • Benefit from on-going monthly savings due to use of energy efficient appliances, systems and cost-effective building materials; all without compromising quality.

A win for the environment and a win for you.

What makes us tick?

We believe in housing solutions that provide a better living standard for our residents. Our focus is on smart design and efficient construction methods to create superior housing options.

  • We want to provide forward-thinking, cost-effective and practical housing solutions for New Zealand.
  • We are driven to innovate and build properties for people where they can experience a new style of living. A place you love coming home too.
  • Our reputation as property developers is paramount to us, we believe our developments will change the way you think about living
  • We are passionate about property development, and it’s through our expertise and commitment to excellence we have stood the test of time.

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