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A home that you’re proud to own; a home that keeps you healthier, saves you money and improves the way you live.” to the following “rethinking.space is part of the Legacy Property brand, and we exist to bring quality, affordable housing to the market… and we do things differently.

rethinking.space is the visionary residential apartment solution for a growing Auckland – it represents the foresight and experience of one of New Zealand’s most respected high-density residential developers, Legacy Property.


rethinking.space is creating opportunities for people like you to make a greener choice when you purchase a home. By adopting internationally acclaimed ideas in sustainable urban design we are providing a growing Auckland with a lifestyle choice that’s more affordable, more rewarding and better for the environment.

Doing this means thinking innovatively about every aspect of the planning, design and build process, which means that you are buying a home where every detail has been thoroughly considered.

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Legacy Property

Legacy Property is the guiding hand behind rethinking.space. After developing over a thousand apartments and homes during our 15 years in operation, the company had identified a demand for a home ownership option that embraced sustainable principles. With rethinking.space, Legacy Property has been able to meet this need, and in doing so, take a step towards a greener future that will benefit us all.

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Solution Street

Solution Street was created by Legacy Property to take advantage of new developments in off-site construction that can significantly reduce the cost of building a home. These are the weatherboard homes that we trust, but with the dramatic construction efficiencies that can be gained when much of the build process is undertaken off-site.

Solution Street has completed several developments in Auckland and has been endorsed by the government’s KiwiBuild programme as a valuable solution to the shortage and affordability of housing in Auckland.

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Solution Street Property

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Frequently asked questions

rethinking.space is part of the Legacy Property Group and was created to bring quality, affordable housing to the market… and we do things differently.

Our apartments are built with a focus on affordability and sustainability with targeted Homestar ratings and unique innovations that ensure a healthier, more sustainable home. We aren’t afraid to ‘rethink’ the status-quo.

We provide a fleet of current model electric vehicles for use by residents and have chosen a location that is transport centred, allowing residents to reduce their reliance on car ownership and live a more eco-friendly lifestyle.

Being a new build, you’ll only require a 5% deposit to purchase any of the apartments and we have a dedicated in-house sales team available to support you throughout the process. Once you’ve identified your ideal apartment, you begin with signing a Sales & Purchase Agreement which secures the apartment for an initial 10-day due diligence period. If you haven’t already, we would recommend you now assemble your sidekicks – lawyer, mortgage broker/bank/finance advisor, partner, andanyone else who might want to weigh in on the decision!

Now that you know you love everything on offer, the agreement becomes unconditional and the deposit is due. This is held in our solicitors’ secure trust account and you’ll receive the benefit of any interest accrued – and with each apartment at a fixed price, you can rest assured that there will be no increase in price during the build. From here, no more payments are required until settlement – Now to set a date for the housewarming!

As the apartments are ‘freehold unit titles’, a body corporate is necessary to manage the building insurance and maintenance, and to keep the common areas clean and safe, leaving you free to enjoy a quality of life that not all properties provide! The annual body corporate fee will be confirmed close to completion and will proportionate to the apartment value.

Any apartment owner is automatically a member of the body corporate and can choose to be on the committee. To ensure everyone can delight in their lovely home, there will be a Building Manager with a regular presence on site to ensure the building is well looked after.

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